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Contested & Uncontested Divorce
Contested &
Uncontested Divorce
Child Custody & Visitation
Child Custody &
Child & Spousal Support
Child & Spousal
Asset Division
Asset Division
Litigation Vs. Alternative Dispute Resolution
Litigation Vs. Alternative
Dispute Resolution
International Family Law
Family Law
Post-Divorce Enforcement and Modification of Orders
Post-Divorce Enforcement
and Modification of Orders
Mediation Services
Mediation Services

We are proud to represent and offer a discount to Military Service Members
(active, retired, guard/reserve) (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard),
Police, Firefighters and Teachers. Please inquire within.

Northern Virginia / Falls Church Divorce And Family Law Firm

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The majority of Virginians have only a few interactions with the legal system during their lives, but when these interactions occur, they often come at times of crisis.

At Maddox & Gerock, P.C., we offer skilled representation and compassionate guidance to all of our clients including business owners, military personnel, government employees, medical professionals, legal professionals and other individuals in and around Northern Virginia including Fairfax County, City of Alexandria, Arlington County, Loudoun County, Fauquier County, and Prince William County as well as other locations across Virginia. We have also begun offering mediation services for those who wish to resolve their matters out of court.

Meet Our Team of Attorneys

Julie Curran Gerock
Julie Curran Gerock
Katherine Maddox
Katharine Maddox
Dennis Hottell
Dennis Hottell
Tashina M. Gorgone
Tashina M. Gorgone
Scott M. Weinbaum
Scott M. Weinbaum
Kimberly Waletich
Kimberly Waletich
Kabara Praskavich
Kabara Praskavich
Karrie M.B. Dodson
Karrie M. B. Dodson
Lily Saffer

Lily Saffer

William L. Waller
William L. Waller

Tailored Services Coupled With Extensive Experience

We factor common sense into our family law practice, and that includes recognizing that every family is different. When you come to us, we take the time to listen to you, learn about your situation and then create solutions designed specifically for you.

We have the in-depth experience to address even the most complex divorce and family law cases, such as those involving international child custody or business valuations. Three of our attorneys are members of the prestigious International Academy of Family Lawyers, collaborating with lawyers across the globe to resolve sensitive and high-stakes cases.

Our Philosophy

Our practice is built on the philosophy that clients come first. We hold ourselves to high standards because our clients deserve it. Our guiding principles include:

  Honesty and straightforwardness
  Respect and sensitivity
  Open communication
  Creative solutions tailored to our client’s needs

Virginia Custody FAQ’s

Q.Who has a right to custody?

A. Custody is the legal right of a child to the best care available; it is not primarily a right of either parent. The court is empowered to award sole custody to either parent, or joint legal custody with the primary residence to one parent, or joint legal and shared physical custody, where the child spends approximately equal time with each parent…

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Right from the moment spouses decide to get a divorce, life can become a stressful whirlwind. Families have to negotiate agreements and details that will affect the next chapter of their lives as they reach their divorce settlement agreement. Regardless…

Children struggle with guilt in a parents’ divorce

Oct 05

Telling children about the divorce is often the hardest part for parents. All children will react differently to the news of their parents’ divorce, but it is all too common for children to feel guilty – as if they are…

What does “standard of living” mean for you?

Sep 17

When individuals pursue a divorce, there are many terms they might not be familiar with, including “equitable distribution” or “collaborative divorce.” Another common term spouses hear is the “established standard of living.” Why is this term important, and how does…