Northern Virginia/Falls Church Grandparent Rights Lawyers

Grandparents, aunts, uncles and other third parties may desire or need to seek custody or visitation rights for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps the parents are in prison, have substance abuse problems or are abusive. Perhaps a stepparent is refusing to allow the grandparents to maintain relationships with their grandchildren.

No matter your situation, Maddox & Gerock is here to advise you of your rights and diligently pursue your goals. We know how challenging it can be for third parties to gain the same legal standing as a biological or adoptive parent, but it is not impossible. If the court deems that it is in the child's best interests, a grandparent or other third party can win custody or visitation rights. Our attorneys can advocate for you and clearly present the reasons why spending time with you is in the child's best interest.

Offering Wise Counsel And Diligent Advocacy

In all custody and visitation matters, we give advice based upon our long history of advocacy and litigation, so that each client may decide whether to settle a dispute or to entrust the decision to a judge. While we attempt to settle all cases, many cases do go to court.

When litigation is required, our lawyers draw on their years of trial experience in Virginia courts and their in-depth legal knowledge to present a compelling and complete case designed to obtain the best possible results for our clients. Because we thoroughly prepare for trial and are able to present a formidable case in court, we often succeed in settling cases before a court hearing is necessary.

Learn More About Your Rights

To learn how Virginia law applies to your specific situation, arrange a consultation about third-party rights or grandparent rights today. You can either call our Falls Church office at 703-883-8035 or contact us via email.