Support Enforcement Actions

Child Support and Alimony Enforcement in Virginia

In Virginia, failing to pay child support, alimony / spousal maintenance, or live up to any other part of a divorce agreement can result in contempt and possibly jail time. The enforcement process requires court intervention, however, and a lawyer should be hired to deal with a support enforcement action.

At Falls Church, Virginia-based Maddox & Gerock, P.C., our lawyers help people throughout Virginia with support enforcement actions. Our firm is devoted entirely to family law issues, and our attorneys have many years of experience in every aspect of the field.

Enforcement and the Law

At the time of a divorce , binding court orders are issued the final order of divorce will either incorporate an agreed upon settlement or ordered terms resulting from litigation. If either person violates any part of the court order, such as by not paying child or spousal support, an enforcement action can bring about contempt of court charges. Contempt of court can include jail time in rare circumstances.

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Before working toward a support enforcement action, you should make sure it will be worth the effort and expense involved. Contact our lawyers as soon as possible and let us help you determine whether an enforcement action is warranted. For further information about a variety of legal topics please visit our E-Newsletter , our Web Blog our Family Law Information Center , or our Child Custody & Visitation Practice Center .