Virginia High Asset Divorce Attorneys

When high net worth couples divorce, there are usually complex questions about asset division and maintaining lifestyles. At Maddox & Gerock, P.C., our family law attorneys have a long history of helping successful people protect their lifestyles and financial security through the divorce process.

We have extensive experience helping clients protect their individual assets and get their fair share of marital property. We are thorough in our approach, working hard to locate and value all property involved.

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Identifying and Dividing Complex Assets

Identifying and valuing property can be challenging in high asset divorces. Our experienced lawyers have access to a network of professionals, such as forensic accountants and business valuation experts, who assist us in locating and valuing property, including hidden assets.

Privacy Considerations

Our team of divorce attorneys has successfully handled many high assets divorces, and we recognize that our clients value discretion and privacy. Court proceedings are public, so little can be done about that. However, if you and your former spouse can sit down together and negotiate, divorce mediation is a good option. Mediation is confidential, so your personal and financial details will remain private. Additionally, mediation is usually less costly than litigation, meaning more of your assets are preserved.

Protecting Your Rights During the Asset Division Process

Our lawyers work together as a team, so you can be sure that your case will be examined from many different angles. Whether your divorce can be settled through negotiation or instead must be determined in court, you can trust us to protect your rights to property, including:

  • Business property and profits
  • Stocks and investment interests
  • Pensions, 401(k) accounts and other retirement plans
  • Real property, like residences vacation homes and rental properties

As in every divorce, we will help you resolve critical issues of:

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