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If you are a business owner or the spouse of a business owner, it is very important to understand your rights under Virginia's property and debt division laws.

At the law firm of Maddox & Gerock, our lawyers protect and assert our clients' financial rights in the division of marital assets and debts. We represent entrepreneurs, limited liability company (LLC) owners, law partners, medical doctors and a wide range of other professionals and business owners in Virginia.

The Value of a Business May Be Subject to Equitable Distribution

Like retirement accounts, real property and other assets, the value of a business must also be divided between divorcing parties. Even if one spouse worked at the business and the other managed the home, the homemaker may seek a share of the business. If both spouses were partners in the business, dividing the value while still keeping the company operational can be a real concern.

Our law firm can provide the keen legal advice you need in these sophisticated property division matters.

Collaborating With Financial Experts

Before dividing the value of a business, that value must be ascertained. Accurately and fully capturing the scope of the marital assets can be complex, however, requiring a careful review of business records and tax returns.

Working in conjunction with forensic accountants, CPAs and business valuation experts when necessary, we are able to uncover hidden assets, accurately determine business debts and provide accurate valuations of closely held businesses of all kinds.

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