Dividing Stock Options and Investments

At Maddox & Gerock, our seasoned divorce lawyers are skilled in the complexities of dividing stock options and investments in Virginia.

We represent a diverse range of clients, from business owners to nonworking spouses, from professional athletes to federal government employees, including military personnel living in Virginia. As Virginia has grown into a center for technological development, our firm has represented entrepreneurs and technology workers whose assets and stock options are tied to their corporate profitability.

Determining Whether an Investment Account is Subject to Division

As part of the divorce process, our law firm helps characterize our clients' investment accounts and stock portfolios as marital property, separate property or a hybrid of both. Marital property is subject to equitable distribution during divorce, while separate property is not.

We will investigate a number of different issues, which may include:

  • Did both the husband and wife contribute to the accounts?
  • Did the value of the accounts increase due to one spouse's intangible contribution to the relationship itself?
  • What is the fair market value and the estimated appreciation or depreciation rate?
  • Do the investments include profit-sharing plans, deferred compensation or other issues?
  • What are the tax considerations involved in dividing these assets?

Clients Benefit From Our Strong Relationships With Experts

To be successful in these high-stakes property division cases, an attorney must have a detailed knowledge of the assets and liabilities involved, in addition to understanding the tax ramifications. Most importantly, a lawyer must have a strong and solid relationship with forensic accountants, tax professionals and other experts. Our law firm has developed trusted relationships with specialists in various areas of finance, tax and business.

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