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When a judge makes an error of law, abuses his/her discretion, or improperly includes or excludes evidence, grounds for an appeal may exist. At Maddox & Gerock, P.C., our lawyers identify violations of procedural justice that compromise decisions at trial. We understand that the appellate process is not the same as the initial trial, and we prepare for appeals accordingly, both through drafting appellate briefs and presenting our oral arguments before the appellate judges.

Grounds For Appeal

Our attorneys remain current with the statutes and case law that impact issues on appeals. Very few cases actually get reversed on appeal. Contrary to popular opinion, appellate courts do not retry cases, and appeals are limited to the evidence presented in the trial court. Most reversals occur when there are incorrect rulings, erroneous admissions of evidence, incorrect interpretations of the law or insufficient evidence existing in the record to support the court’s decision.

If you are considering an appeal, we urge you to consider us for sound legal advice and experienced appellate representation. To learn more about an appeal in Virginia or the appellate lawyers at Maddox & Gerock, P.C., please contact us today.

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