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Maddox & Gerock is a Northern Virginia divorce and family law firm that proudly represents military personnel, government employees, medical and legal professionals, business owners, and others who are facing important family law matters.

We invite you to read the following articles which provide information on important custody, divorce, and other family law-related topics.

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Divorce And Family Law Articles

Pets in Divorce Cases: Property No More?

  • Written by Scott M. Weinbaum for the Virginia Family Law Quarterly, Winter 2017.

Understanding and Litigating Parent-Child Alienation Cases

  • Written by Katharine Maddox for the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, January 2018.

Relocation in Accordance with Virginia Law

  • Written by Katharine Maddox in The Journal of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, 2019.

Family law in US: Virginia Overview

  • Written by Katharine W Maddox and Julie C Gerock

Separate Maintenance: Is it Extinct?

  • Written by Sarah L. Payne and Julie Curran Gerock in the Journal of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, Summer 2015.