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Five Things Not to Do During a Divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2012 | Uncategorized

Jeffrey A. Landers, a Divorce Financial Strategist, recently published an article which can be found on by clicking on the following link:

His article reminds all clients of five basic mistakes that should be avoided during the divorce process unless your lawyer advises otherwise. They include:

1. Texts: Do not Text. Texts can be used as evidence. A recent survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) showed that 92 percent of these attorneys saw an increase in the number of cases using evidence from smart phones during the last three years. See the original AAML article by clicking the following link: 

2. Facebook: Do not Facebook or if you do so, do not post anything regarding your divorce or personal issues. Make sure photos are appropriate. Select the highest security setting possible. Review and edit who your friends are. Another survey of the AAML showed that social media is playing an increased role in divorce proceedings: 81 percent of the surveyed attorneys saw increased evidence from social networking sites in divorce proceedings within the last five years. The survey showed that Facebook was the primary source of evidence, but Myspace, Twitter, and other networking sites are also on the list. See the original AAML article by clicking the following link:

3. Dating: Do not date while you are in the process of obtaining a divorce. In many states (including Virginia), your conduct may constitute adultery even if it occurs during the separation period. Be careful to also avoid online dating websites, as the fees that you are charged or the profile you set up may be used as evidence. You should talk to your attorney before you start dating.

4. Snooping: Do not snoop around in your spouse’s business. This includes trying to access your spouse’s email and using high tech spying software. In many places, there are state and federal laws that prohibit accessing or intercepting another person’s messages. The law in this field is developing. You should talk to an attorney if you are considering snooping around or if you believe your spouse is snooping on you.

5. Shopping: Resist the urge to use shopping as your therapy. Increasing debt during divorce is not smart and may have unintended consequences for you legally and financially.

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