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How can collaborative law help me during my divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Collaborative Law

There are many important divorce-related concerns that are likely to come up for divorcing couples and they are likely to encounter during the divorce property. Fortunately, the family law legal process provides different options to help divorcing couples resolve these concerns and help guide them through the process but they may wonder what some of them are. Collaborative law is an alternative dispute resolution option for couples who are divorcing that they should be familiar with.

Collaborative law provides a framework that allows divorcing couples to talk through issues related to their divorce. Oftentimes, outside experts can be brought into the process, such as financial experts, accounting experts or counseling experts, to help couples reach positive solutions to what may otherwise result in divorce-related disputes. The process does not involve the family law court to the extent the couple’s divorce it not litigated but instead involves the couple and their representatives, as well as any outside experts they involve.

The collaborative law process is based on a contract between the parties and also provides a more private, less public and oftentimes safer environment to share information and resolve concerns. It is important for couples to understand the process, be committed to working together and openly and honestly share and exchange information. The process provides an opportunity for couples to negotiate their divorce-related concerns rather than have the family law court determine outcomes for their divorce and family.

Because of the nature of the process, and its problem-solving focus, a collaborative law divorce can result in less time and cost for the couple in addition to the emotional benefits it can provide. When considering divorce, it is useful for divorcing couples to be familiar with all of the options that may be available to help them along the way.

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