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3 tips for divorcing an addict

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2018 | Blog

Being married to someone who is an alcoholic or drug addict can be difficult to manage. Sometimes, divorcing a spouse with an addiction may be your best option. You may want to end your marriage to preserve your own sanity, protect your children or force your spouse to finally get help.

Divorces are always difficult, but ones that involve addiction come with some unique complications. Here are some things to consider when divorcing a spouse who has a substance abuse problem.

1. Protect your finances


One of your core concerns should be your assets. Addicts can be prone to draining their funds, whether they’re feeding their addiction to alcohol or drugs, paying for rehabilitation services or covering court costs. You may want to separate your joint accounts and remove your partner from your credit cards so he or she does not leave you with any debt.

2. Seek support

While the person with the addiction needs to get treatment, you have your own suffering. During the course of your marriage, you may be the victim of manipulation and betrayal. Do not make the mistake of neglecting your own needs. Get help from your friends and family as you go through this tough time. You may even want to go to a therapist or counselor.

3. Learn your options regarding the kids

You may have major concerns about how you spouse’s addiction will impact the kids. So, keeping your children protected may be one of your big priorities when it comes to child custody proceedings in the divorce. There are a range of steps parents may be able to take towards such protection when divorcing a spouse who has an addiction. What particular options are available depends on the circumstances. So, you may want legal guidance on what your situation means for your options on this front.

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