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High net worth couples face unique divorce legal issues

Some couples in Virginia are fortunate enough to have accumulated a great deal of assets during the course of their marriage. They may own a business, multiple homes, bank accounts, investments, stocks, retirement accounts and other valuable assets. At least one, if not both, spouse may have a lucrative career. However, should their marriage not last, high net worth couples face certain divorce legal issues that others do not.

For example, property division can become very complicated in a high-asset divorce, as can spousal maintenance. The couple may be accustomed to living a certain lifestyle, and this will need to be taken into account. In addition, dividing assets must be done in a manner that is fair to each spouse. Tracking down and placing a valuation on all a high net worth couple’s assets can be challenging, but it needs to be done for the property division process to be successful.

Moreover, privacy issues are often important to a high net worth couple. Our firm recognizes this, and have handled many cases discreetly. While court proceedings are public, couples can still negotiate out-of-court. And, mediation is confidential and can serve as a means for reaching a settlement privately.

Our firm aims to ensure that our high net worth clients receive the advice they need to navigate what may be a complicated divorce. We will assist our clients who are interested in settling their divorce out-of-court, but should their divorce legal issues need to be litigated, we will zealously defend our client’s interests in court. Our webpage on high-asset divorce can provide readers with more information that may help them make decisions as they move forward with their divorce.

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