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Survival tips for those feeling defeated by divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2019 | Divorce

Divorce can feel like an uphill battle you just can’t win. If you’re struggling to make it through to the other side, these survival tips can help lessen the demands you’re facing. 

Make minimal contact with your ex

Not talking with someone you’ve shared such a closeness with will likely be a big transition for you. Everyone mourns the end of a relationship differently, but at some point, you’ll probably miss your ex and feel compelled to reach out to them. Don’t!

A divorce may require you to speak to your ex to work out the terms of your divorce and coordinate child custody. Outside of these communications, you should not contact your ex. Putting the most space possible between the two of you will be healthier for you both.


Picking up old hobbies or starting new ones is a good way to keep the hardship of divorce off of your mind. They can also help you feel good and give you purpose. If you can, try new hobbies with friends and family who can lend extra comfort during this time.

However, solo hobbies are also a useful way to relieve stress and adjust to being single.

Tell your boss

While divorce should never be an excuse for low performance at work, letting your boss know what you’re going through can be useful. He or she may cut you a break if you need to leave early for court or are having trouble staying focused.

When you tell your boss, preface that you’ll try your hardest to keep these personal issues from affecting your performance at work. Still, your boss will be more understanding if they know what’s going on.

Practice gratitude

Divorce causes you to lose time with your kids, your marriage, half of your assets and maybe even pets and your house. Amidst all this loss, it’s important to remember what you have.

Each day, try to think of at least three new things you are grateful for and why. This can help you remember that it’s not all bad – even when it seems like it can’t get any worse.

Get extra help

Don’t fight this battle alone. Surround yourself with a team that will support you through this difficult time. Recruit friends, family, pets and an excellent attorney to stand by you when the going gets rough.

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