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Important considerations for determining alimony

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | Divorce, Divorce

Though alimony is a relatively common matter that must be resolved when two Falls Church residents divorce, it is not always a part of every Virginia divorce. That is because alimony is discretionary for the courts to award and not a mandatory part of ending a marriage. In general, a divorce will include alimony negotiations and deliberations if one of the parties truly needs it to get through their post-divorce life.

Alimony may be awarded if one spouse was the only income-earner during a marriage and the other will have no source of financial support once they are divorced. It is often awarded when long-term marriages end because recipients are less likely to be able to get themselves back into the work force to make their own money. Additionally, alimony may be awarded when a person cannot work due to illness, injury, or another ailment.

For readers who are attempting to determine if alimony will be relevant to their divorces, the following considerations may be helpful to work through with the help of family law and divorce attorneys. The incomes the parties earn, the ages and health of the parties, and the financial needs of the individuals are all important. So are the extent to which the partners helped each other obtain higher education or advance in their careers, the impact raising kids did or will have on the parties capacities to work, and many other case-specific factors.

There is no guarantee that alimony will be awarded when two Virginia residents prepare for their divorce. Individuals who believe that they should receive it must build compelling cases based on evidence to prove their needs. Their attorneys can help them as they work through these and other divorce-related issues.

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