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Virtual visitation as an option for Virginia families

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Child Custody And Support

People are incredibly busy. Individuals who balance jobs, families, and other important commitments are often juggling many different responsibilities at once and working hard to keep the needs of themselves and others met.

When a person goes through the difficult process of divorce, their lives may become even more complicated if they must work around the child custody and visitation schedules of their kids. Although there are no greater responsibilities than those that a parent has to their child, staying connected to one’s child during and after a divorce can be a challenge.

In some jurisdictions, courts have allowed parents to work virtual visitation options into the custody and visitation settlements. Virtual visitation involves using electronic communication devices and technology to allow parents and children to connect when they are not able to be physically present with each other. FaceTime and Skype, texting and email, phone calls, chats, and other interfaces all give parents and kids time together when they cannot be in each other’s company.

Virtual visitation may be useful when parents and children live apart due to personal or professional reasons. It may also assist parents who travel for work to have time carved out when they may connect with their kids. Different families should assess the potential for virtual visitation in their own custody and visitation situations and discuss their options with their attorneys.

This post does not advocate for or against the use of virtual visitation for Virginia families, nor does it offer any legal advice. Custody and visitation matters are important family law topics that should be given serious consideration given the facts and laws relevant to individual cases.

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