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Divorce filings spike after the holiday season

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | Divorce, Divorce

The holidays are usually a time of year when families set aside their differences and come together to celebrate whatever is most important to them. As a result, the season is usually full of fun and cheer. However, many Virginians struggle through the holidays because they feel trapped in bad marriages. Even those who want to seek a divorce often choose to put off the action during this time of year so as not to disrupt family dynamics and seemingly ruin what would otherwise be a festive period of time.

In fact, putting off divorce until January is a common tactic taken by individuals, and it has led to January being dubbed “Divorce Month” by some family law experts. One need only look at online search frequencies and social media topics to see that interest in divorce spikes in late December and early January.

There may be other contributing factors to January’s divorce filings. For example, although many individuals choose to put off divorce until things settle after the holidays, others find the holidays to spur their decision to file for divorce.

Stressors related to money and familial relationships often arise during this time of year and place a magnifying glass over marital issues that may exist year-round. Some people simply take the New Year as an opportunity to make self-improvements, which may include ditching a bad relationship.

Regardless of the reasons why an individual seeks divorce, he or she needs to be prepared for the road ahead. Important legal matters must be addressed through divorce, including child custody, child support, alimony, and property division. The outcome of any of these matters can completely reshape an individual’s life for better or worse. With so much at stake, it is best for individuals who are contemplating divorce to develop a strategy moving forward. Experienced divorce attorneys can help with this process, which will hopefully set an individual on a path to post-marriage happiness.

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