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Is social media destroying your marriage?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

The explosion of social media platforms in recent decades offers a variety of ways for people to connect throughout Virginia, across the country and around the world. Social media is responsible for the reunion of old friends, for adopted children finding their birth parents and for family members remaining close despite the many miles between them. Families can stay connected to loved ones who are deployed with the armed services, and many married couples even credit social media for bringing them together.

Unfortunately, social media is also the source of conflict and tension between many couples. In fact, up to 25% of couples in one survey admitted that social media arouses jealousy, suspicion and arguments between them. Family law attorneys all over the country are noticing more and more divorces stemming from social media addiction. If you feel that social media is creating an irreparable breach between you and your spouse, you are not alone.

Don’t blame Facebook

At the end of a long day at work, you may enjoy scrolling through Facebook or Twitter to see what your friends are up to. You may update your status or check to see if anyone commented on a pithy post you made earlier in the day. Perhaps your spouse does the same, and you may sit for hours communicating with everyone but each other. This scenario is common in homes where social media is used. As a result, you may begin losing trust for the following reasons:

  • Your spouse tries to access your social media to see if you are in private chats with anyone.
  • You suspect your spouse of having flirtatious conversations with someone else.
  • Your feel lonely or abandoned because your spouse spends too much time on Facebook.
  • Your spouse complains that you pay more attention to your social media friends than to him or her.
  • You believe your spouse may be addicted to social media.

Is it possible that you and your spouse were already struggling before you noticed your spouse’s increased use of social media? Research suggests it is often the case that a spouse begins to spend more time on social media because there are already problems in the marriage. Nevertheless, if social media plays a part in the end of your marriage, you will want a skilled attorney who has experience in contested divorce with the resources to examine your spouse’s social media to support your claims in court.

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