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Three social media mistakes that can derail your divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Hot Topics In Family Law

Social media has reached every part of our lives and divorce litigation is no exception. If you are going through a divorce or see one on the horizon, what you post on social media can have a harmful effect on your legal prospects. Here are three social media behaviors it is best to avoid when going through a divorce, custody dispute or other family law problem:

  • Oversharing: Photos of a vacation, new car or new dating partner may be fun to post under normal circumstances, but they can be disastrous during a divorce. Opposing counsel may try to use such material to paint you as careless or a spendthrift. They may claim such photos prove you are having an affair or that your income is greater than you have reported. This type of evidence can play a pivotal role in divorce matters ranging from property division to child custody and support.
  • Insulting your spouse: We all need to vent sometimes, especially when going through a crisis such as a divorce. Venting about your spouse online, however, is a mistake, as it can paint an unfavorable picture of you to a divorce judge or even expose you to allegations of defamation.
  • Failing to manage your privacy settings: If you are getting divorced, this might be a good time to check your privacy settings. Who is seeing your posts? Facebook friends who have allied with your spouse may be scrutinizing every post you make, waiting for you to make a mistake.

This doesn’t mean you should never post anything on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms while your divorce is pending, but it is important to be careful. Talk to a knowledgeable divorce attorney if you have concerns about social media and how it might affect your divorce proceedings.

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