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Impact of substance use on divorce and custody cases

On Behalf of | May 7, 2021 | Divorce

Substance abuse  and divorce oftentimes are interrelated issues among couples seeking to end a marriage in Virginia. Not only may substance abuse be a main reason why a couple seeks to divorce in the first instance, but substance use  may also well impact a variety of decisions made by the court during divorce and child custody proceedings.

Having a spouse with substance use disorder is challenging. The stark reality is that an individual addicted to or who abuses mind-altering substances is often not a healthy partner.  Moreover, a marriage in which a partner has substance use issues likely is one in which financial difficulties are present or even prevalent. Domestic abuse in many instances is associated with a marriage in which one or both spouses abuse or is addicted to some type of mind-altering substance.

If a party to a divorce case involving children is struggling with a substance addiction or abuse, it will likely have an impact on decisions made during divorce proceedings, as well as decisions related to child custody.  The bottom line is that a parent with a drug abuse or addiction issue is not likely to be deemed safe to properly care for and supervise children without the presence of some other mindful adult being present. Indeed, this state of affairs can result in the non-using parent being granted custody and the noncustodial parent having supervised contact with the children.

If substance use and addiction is an issue in your own divorce case, seeking capable representation from an experienced Virginia divorce attorney is advisable.

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