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Reasons for Divorce Among Older Couples

On Behalf of | May 6, 2021 | Divorce

A gray divorce is a term referring to the rising divorce rate among older couples. If you’re going through a gray divorce in Virginia, it’s understandable to wonder what caused this to happen.

Financial problems

As older couples approach retirement, there is the realization that income and assets will be limited.  Older couples may also have accumulated significant debt paying for their children’s college tuition, weddings, and other big events. Unsurprisingly, these kinds of issues cause stress and strain in relationships.

An empty nest

Many married couples decide to have children together and expand their families. Eventually, the children grow up and start lives of their own, possibly causing empty nest syndrome for the parents. Without children to raise, having an empty home can sometimes drive distance between married couples.

Retirement-related depression

Although retirement can be a great way to enjoy life, stepping down from a job does not always result in happiness and may not live up to the expectations he/she had before retirement. In addition, one spouse may retire before the other spouse causing feelings of resentment by the spouse still working.


Unfortunately, infidelity remains a common reason for  divorce even among older couples.

If you’re going through a gray divorce, a lot might be at stake, such as real estate, investment accounts, a pension or retirement savings. To receive the help you need throughout the divorce process, consider contacting an attorney at Maddox & Gerock.

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