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What to expect from your divorce attorney

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2022 | Divorce

The process of divorce can be tricky and navigating it can be difficult. In order for the best possible outcome, you need an attorney by your side who is experienced and will fight hard for you. 

If you’ve never had a need for an attorney before now, finding the right person may seem like an overwhelming job. Think of it like searching for a doctor: Do your homework and ask your friends or family members for suggestions. 

What to look for in a divorce attorney

Knowing what to look for when you’re searching for a divorce attorney will make the process easier. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • You need someone who is available to take or return your calls and will be willing to meet with you face to face. You need time to fill your attorney in on your situation. The two of you will tackle difficult decisions together. From there, you will strategize and develop a plan for the divorce proceedings.
  • You should expect your attorney to have a good, working knowledge of the court system. They should know what forms need to be filled out and filed. They should also have an idea of what the judge will expect and plan accordingly.
  • You want an attorney who will keep you in the loop. You need to be informed of court dates, case status, and any changes requested by the opposing side. You need to know about upcoming deadlines that you must meet and any new issues that may develop.
  • You need an attorney in whom you have complete confidence. They should be your advocate and ally at all times. Make sure that you chose an advocate whose tactics and ideas align with your own. If you know your divorce is going to be hostile, make sure the attorney is comfortable with litigation. If you want a more peaceful divorce, look for an attorney who believes in negotiation.

Divorce is a tough time, no matter how it begins. Make sure that you have the right person in your corner.


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