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2 important things you should know before your divorce deposition

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Divorce

The divorce process can be stressful and emotionally taxing. If you are in litigation, you may be required to give a deposition. What is a deposition?

A deposition is a sworn statement that you give at the request of your spouse’s or partner’s attorney during the discovery process, in the presence of a court reporter, in response to a series of questions. Some depositions are short and some may take an entire day. The purpose of a deposition is to gather information related to the case, to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the case, and to obtain admissions under oath to use later to benefit their client.

Here’s what you should know before your divorce deposition.

Be prepared

Before your deposition, meet with your lawyer. Ask questions about what to expect. Review any documents that have been filed with the Court or exchanged between counsel.

Tell the truth

Because a deposition is given under oath,  it’s vital that you be as truthful as possible. You can do this by listening carefully to each question before you answer. If you’re unsure of an answer, don’t hesitate to say you don’t know. This would be a better answer than guessing or lying. If you lie, then you will be perjuring yourself, will face legal consequences, and your credibility will be shot. Also, don’t argue with the other lawyer or your spouse or partner. Your job is to tell the truth and answer only what is asked of you.


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