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Making the most of time spent with your noncustodial child

Research suggests that children fare better when both of their parents are involved in their lives, so if you are a noncustodial parent, know that even spending short amounts of time with your child can prove beneficial. Even if you do not see your son or daughter as much as you might like, those weekends, spring break trips and extended summer visits add up, and they can help the two of you cement a strong bond that even geography cannot break.

3 tips for addict parents going through a divorce

No one goes through life planning on developing an addiction, and yet it happens to millions each year. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that in 2013, nearly 7 percent of Americans had an alcohol dependency, and marijuana abuse was five times higher than cocaine addiction. Furthermore, these numbers only reflect substance abuse, not other forms of addiction, such as gambling.

Tips for preventing international child abduction

If you share a child with someone who hails from another country and the relationship between the two of you has become acrimonious, you may have justifiable concerns about your child’s other parent. More specifically, you may have fears about your ex attempting to abduct your son or daughter and return to his or her country of origin, which can raise a wealth of problems.

What to know about military divorces

The military lifestyle can be challenging for couples, especially when faced with long periods apart during deployments and the high stress level of a military job. When these stressors lead to conflict that becomes impossible to resolve and a couple with one or both spouses in the military decides to divorce, there are some factors that are different than a civilian divorce.

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