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Paternity in Virginia can be established through an AOP

When a child is born to unmarried parents in Virginia, if the mother wishes to seek child support or the father wishes to seek custody or visitation rights, paternity must be established to prove the man is the child's biological father. One way they can do this is to sign a document known as a "Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity" (AOP) at the hospital.

How can co-parenting help children post-divorce?

When parents in Falls Church are going through a divorce, they may feel like their disagreements will never end. The fighting and rancor that led to the end of the marriage can be difficult not just for the spouses, but for their children as well. However, children are resilient and can adjust to a new life post-divorce, especially if their parents are able to co-parent.

Where to turn when your child custody rights are interfered with

When parents in Virginia divorce or break-up they are often left with a lot of bitter feelings toward one another. Compounding the animosity they may have with each other is the painful reality that if they share child custody there will be times when their child will not be in their care, but in the care of their ex instead. This can cause hard feelings. One parent may feel like their ex is not a good parent, and their child shouldn't be left in their ex's care. Or a parent may simply want to get back at or in some other way hurt their ex.

Child support in Virginia based on shared custody can be modified

One relatively recent advancement in child support laws in Virginia involved the standardization of child support awards. Child support is based upon a formula that takes into account each parent's gross income, as well as the type of custody and visitation the parent enjoys, among other child support guidelines.

Claiming a child as a dependent on one's taxes post-divorce

Parents in Virginia may wish to take advantage of claiming their child as a dependent as they prepare their annual income tax returns. When a child's parents are married, doing so is relatively easy. However, if a child's parents are unmarried things can become murkier.

An overview of child support guidelines in Virginia

Parents in Virginia understand that it takes money to raise a child. This is true even if the parents are divorced. Despite the fact that their relationship has ended, they are still both obligated to support their child financially. While the custodial parent supports the child by having the child live with them, the noncustodial parent may be ordered to pay child support.

A "bird's nest" child custody plan may be the answer for some

When a child's parents divorce, it seems to be obvious that the child will spend his or her time going back and forth between homes. That means two different addresses, two different bedrooms and the regular exchange as the child goes to the care of one parent from the other. A divorce is already a monumental change in a child's life, and having to adjust to a new home and lifestyle can only add to the stress. For these reasons, some parents in Virginia are turning to a unique form of child custody: the "bird's nest."

Why might a child support order be modified?

When parents in a Virginia divorce, the court will issue a child support order. This order may serve both parents well for a while, but life is ever-changing. Certain life events, such as a job promotion, a job loss, a change in custody arrangements or other types of changes could make it so that one of the child's parents believes that their current child support order is no longer appropriate, and needs to be modified.

Keeping the holidays magical after divorce

The winter holidays are upon us. It is a time for family traditions, cherished memories and giving to others. Most parents want their children to have a magical holiday season, so if this is their first (or second, or third) holiday season post-divorce, they may be concerned about how their child is going to handle it. The following are some tips for Virginia parents who find themselves in this situation.

How will a court determine the best interests of the child?

When a child's parents divorce, transitioning from being part of a couple to being single presents certain challenges. However, no matter how they are handling the split personally, parents should make sure that their child's physical, mental and emotional needs are still being met. For this reason, when courts in Virginia make child custody decisions, the standard they use is the best interests of the child. To determine what a child's best interests are, the court will take into account certain factors.

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