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Are You Being Stalked?

On November 20, 2014, WJLA Washington, DC reported on the dangers of spy stalker technology. In a divorce case, it is important to be aware of technology that may being used to track your whereabouts, your phone calls, your emails and your text messages. There are inexpensive and sometimes free apps available on most smart phones that allow for users to track his/her spouse or significant other. For example, there is the "Find iPhone" app which can be used to locate all Apple devices on a family network. While such an app may be helpful in locating the phone or iPad your teen or spouse has misplaced, or finding out if your teen is where she says she is, such apps may also be misused to stalk and track one's spouse. In addition, although such technology may be helpful in revealing a cheating spouse, the use of these apps and software may be illegal. If you believe you are being stalked or tracked through the use of such technology, you should consider disconnecting your phone from the family plan, disabling tracking options on your device, having your device scanned and reviewed by a forensic computer expert, and/or obtaining a new phone. If you are considering using such technology to obtain evidence of a cheating spouse, you should first speak with an attorney.

Personal Information and Social Media during Family Problems

Technology is a great way to stay connected to the 'outside world.' However, it is important to remember and be accountable for the fact that staying connected is not private. When you are roaming around the grocery store telling your deepest secrets to your BFF or family member on your cell, it is not a private conversation. Even if you change your settings on Facebook, your posts, comments and other activity are not likely private. When you down load inappropriate photos from the internet or use a photo service like Instagram, your activities are not private. And while you may not be Frank Sinatra, Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, or Beyonce, and wonder therefore why anyone would care, when you are involved in a divorce or other family related litigation, the lawyers will care and your former spouse or soon-to-be former spouse will care. If you are thinking of sharing your personal information out there on the world wide web, think twice and then think again.

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