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Does a divorce in Virginia always mean litigation?

A couple going through a divorce may feel like the whole reason behind the divorce is that they cannot agree on anything or it is impossible for them to have a healthy, meaningful relationship. Despite that, not every couple necessarily wants to continue to fight all the way to the courtroom. Fortunately, there are options.

When might collaborative law be appropriate in a divorce?

Does getting a divorce in Virginia always mean the two spouses have to duke it out in court? Not necessarily. Sometimes, couples prefer to work out their issues out of court. Doing so may save them time, money and stress. Therefore, in addition to litigation, couples seeking a divorce may also want to consider either mediating their divorce or utilizing collaborative law to reach a resolution on their divorce issues.

How can collaborative law help me during my divorce?

There are many important divorce-related concerns that are likely to come up for divorcing couples and they are likely to encounter during the divorce property. Fortunately, the family law legal process provides different options to help divorcing couples resolve these concerns and help guide them through the process but they may wonder what some of them are. Collaborative law is an alternative dispute resolution option for couples who are divorcing that they should be familiar with.

The benefits of collaborative law divorce and how it works

This blog recently discussed the benefits of mediation during divorce. Another optionfor divorcing couples to consider to achieve a more amicable divorce is collaborative law divorce. Divorce may cause couples to anticipate bad things and fighting and they may feel nervous or overwhelmed by the process but collaborative law divorce is a process that seeks to minimize negativity and acrimony sometimes associated with the divorce process.

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