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Seeking a spousal support modification when life changes

When a couple in Virginia divorces, it is not unusual for one spouse to pay spousal support to the other spouse. However, sometimes a spousal support order that works for both parties when they divorce, does not work so well years down the road. When this happens, either party can move the court to modify the spousal support award. If there is a material change in circumstances, a spousal support award can go up, down or end after the court considers a number of statutory factors.

Military divorce and the 20/20/20 rule

Our nation's service members deserve to be honored for the sacrifices they make for this country. Events such as deployment in protection of our nation are important and noble, but if a service member in Virginia or elsewhere has a spouse, a long deployment can take its toll on his or her marriage. Sometimes a military spouse's marital problems become too great, and they decide it is best to divorce.

Deploying parents have child custody and visitation rights

Serving in our nation's military is a brave and noble act. However, being on active military duty can be taxing on a person's relationship with their spouse, and sometimes, this leads to divorce. When a military parent divorces, a child custody and visitation order will be made. But, how is this order treated if a military parent is deployed?

More millennials are executing prenuptial agreements, survey says

Summer is a popular time for weddings, but couples in Virginia who are planning their upcoming nuptials may also want to consider the possible paths their life may take after wedding bells ring. One way they can prepare for future possibilities is by executing a premarital (prenuptial) agreement prior to walking down the aisle. In a premarital agreement, couples can address financial issues they may face if they divorce.

High net worth couples face unique divorce legal issues

Some couples in Virginia are fortunate enough to have accumulated a great deal of assets during the course of their marriage. They may own a business, multiple homes, bank accounts, investments, stocks, retirement accounts and other valuable assets. At least one, if not both, spouse may have a lucrative career. However, should their marriage not last, high net worth couples face certain divorce legal issues that others do not.

What can be included in a premarital agreement in Virginia?

Summer is a popular time for weddings across the nation, including right here in Virginia. Soon-to-be spouses may be eager to exchange wedding vows and celebrate the occasion with their loved ones. While their wedding day may have their full attention at this time, it is important that they think of their lives in the future as a married couple. Specifically, they should make sure they are on the same page regarding financial issues. For this reason, some couples choose to execute a premarital agreement, also referred to as a prenuptial agreement, prior to walking down the aisle.

Same-sex couples may face unique divorce legal issues

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Virginia and across the nation for several years now. Therefore, it is understandable that same-sex divorce is also becoming more commonplace. However, when it comes to same-sex divorce, same-sex couples may face unique issues that heterosexual couples do not.

Where can process be served in a military divorce?

Marriages in which one party is in the military face challenges that civilian marriages do not. Military spouses will have to deal with constant moves and long deployments, all of which can take a toll on a couple's marriage. Sometimes the conflicts are just too much to deal with, and the couple will decide to divorce. However, when it comes to a military divorce couples in Virginia should understand that certain rules will apply to them that would not be applicable in a civilian divorce.

What factors will a court consider in spousal maintenance cases?

Sometimes, one spouse in Virginia has a much higher income than the other spouse. It may even be the case that one spouse will stay out of the workforce entirely to care for the family while the other spouse climbs the corporate ladder. These income disparities may not be such an issue while a couple is married, but if the couple decides to divorce, this issue is thrust into the spotlight. In situations like this, it is possible that the lesser-earning spouse may seek spousal maintenance from the higher-earning spouse.

How are pensions handled in a military divorce?

A military marriage can be difficult. Some military couples in Falls Church may be able to work through an active deployment and other ways being in the military can disrupt a marriage. However, other military couples will find that these difficulties are simply too much to handle, and they are best off divorcing.

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