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Domestic Relations Brown Bag Luncheon - Partner Julie Gerock Participating in Mock Pendente Lite Hearing

Partner Julie Gerock is participating in a mock pendente lite hearing through her membership on the Domestic Relations Sub-Committee of the FBA Circuit Court Committee. The Domestic Relations Sub-Committee is hosting a brown bag luncheon to assist domestic relations practitioners in learning to prepare for a Friday motion's day pendente lite hearing. Three of the firm's associates, Kara Lee, Sarah Payne and Scott Weinbaum will also be in attendance.

Sarah L. Payne Volunteering as a Judge at the GMUSL Costello Competition

          Maddox & Gerock associate, Sarah L. Payne, is volunteering tonight to serve as a judge at the George Mason University School of Law Costello Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition held at the Fairfax County Judicial Center in Fairfax Virginia. Ms. Payne participated on three moot court competition teams during her law school tenure, and is uniquely aware of the benefits extramural activities such as moot court and trial advocacy can provide.

Partner, Julie Gerock, was Part of a Panel on Civility and Professionalism

Partner, Julie Gerock, was part of a panel yesterday, February 4, 2015 at the Fairfax Circuit Court on Civility and Professionalism. She was accompanied by other distinguished panel members including The Honorable Donald W. Lemons, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia; The Honorable Rossie D. Alston, Jr. of the Court of Appeals of Virginia; The Honorable Lorraine Nordlund, Fairfax County Circuit Court judge; John McGavin of Bancroft, McGavi, Horvath & Judkins, P.C.; and Chidi I. James of Blankingship & Keith. The discussion was lively, informative, and important to the profession and practice of law.

Virginia Bar Ranks 4th in Difficulty

This spring, if you were admitted to the Virginia State Bar, you should be proud of your accomplishment. Passing the bar exam in Virginia is nothing to sneeze at. Virginia ranks 4th in the list of the toughest bar exams, surpassed only by Delaware, California and Oregon. Three states- Alaska, Idaho and Nevada tie for fourth place with Virginia. On a 200-point grading scale and according to NCBE, the Delaware bar cuts its scores at 145, California at 144, Oregon at 142 and the tying four states at 142. For those sitting for the Virginia bar when the boiling point is 100 °C, these numbers look steamy.

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