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What is collaborative law and how does it relate to divorce?

A traditional divorce happens in a courtroom. Readers of this Virginia-based family law blog may know others or may themselves have had the experience of sitting across from their exes and working with a judge and their attorneys to resolve their divorce-related matters.

How does collaborative law compare to mediation in a divorce?

Some people may think that every divorce must end in a courtroom show-down pitting one spouse against the other. However, this does not have to be the case. Many couples in Falls Church settle their divorce out-of-court using alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation and collaborative law.

Collaborative divorce may be an option for some Virginians

Some Virginians seeking a divorce may have a lot of animosity towards one another and may feel that they have no choice but to have their divorce legal issues settled by a judge in court. However, others may wonder if there is a less adversarial way to end their marriage. In the age of "conscious uncoupling," some people in Virginia seeking a divorce may be interested in learning more about how collaborative law can be used to settle their divorce.

Collaborative law may help those in a low-conflict divorce

Sometimes couples in Virginia have so much bitterness and rancor towards one another that they have no other choice but to litigate their divorce. However, couples going through a relatively amicable split may have options other than litigation to settle their divorce legal issues. One of these options is collaborative law.

Collaborative law can benefit divorcing couples in Virginia

Not all divorces have to be acrimonious, lengthy fights before a judge, with each side trying to be the "winner." Sometimes couples in Virginia can work together to negotiate their divorce legal issues out-of-court. One way to do this is through the collaborative law process.

What divorce processes are available to Virginia couples?

Some couple in Virginia who have decided to divorce may automatically assume this means going to court with their attorneys and having a judge issue a final ruling on their divorce legal issues. Sometimes litigation is the only feasible option for spouses with relationship so toxic that they are entirely unable to cooperate with one another to reach a settlement. However, this divorce option can be costly both in time and money, not to mention emotionally. Therefore, spouses who are on better terms with one another may want to consider other processes for settling their divorce.

How does mediation compare to collaborative divorce?

The end of a marriage can be a tough time for many couples in Virginia. After all the disagreements and heartache, sometimes the last thing a couple wants to go through is a lengthy, adversarial trial process pitting one side against the other. However, there are ways that couples can resolve their divorce legal issues in a manner other than through litigation: mediation and collaborative law.

How can collaborative law help couples going through a divorce?

When a couple in Virginia is going through a divorce, they may be mentally preparing themselves for a lengthy and adversarial trial in which there is a "winner" and a "loser." Litigation can be stressful, especially since in the end the spouses do not have a say in the final outcome, and must abide by the judge's decision, whether they like it or not. Therefore, couples may be interested in pursuing negotiations out-of-court to resolve their divorce legal issues. One way they can do this is through collaborative law.

Collaborative law could lead to a more satisfactory divorce

While a divorce filing may be the result of years of anger, sadness or resentment between two spouses, that doesn't mean a divorce always has to involve a long, drawn-out courtroom battle. In fact, most divorcing spouses in Falls Church probably want to avoid the nightmare scenario of a divorce that drags on for months, draining each spouse emotionally and financially and ultimately leading to a result that neither spouse is satisfied with.

Collaborative law may benefit those in a gray divorce

What has been called the "gray divorce" is on the upswing, as more couples in Falls Church and nationwide age 50 and up are deciding to end their marriages. That being said, the divorce issues older couples face may look very different from the issues younger couples face. For example, a couple over age 50 may not need to make child custody decisions if their children are adults. However, property division may become more problematic, since over the course of their marriage they may have amassed a good deal of assets. This may especially be true when it comes to retirement plans.

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