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Recent Decisions in Family Law: April 2017

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Hot Topics In Family Law

Judges can restrict children’s extracurricular activities in some instances

Vechery v. Cottet-Moine, 1143-16-14, 2017 Va. App. LEXIS 95 (Va. App. 2017)(Unpublished). 

A Virginia custody case drew nation­al attention when a Loudoun County judge said a 10-year-old golf “phe­nom” should take a year-long break from competition. Last month, the Court of Appeals of Virginia upheld that restriction, as well as a ban on the father’s attendance at his daughter’s gymnastics practices based upon the notion that a judge is allowed to place restrictions when an activity presents a danger to the child or negatively impacts a child’s welfare. 

Read the full case here.

It’s possible to have too much of a good thing…

Garrett v. Garrett, 1440-16-4, 2017 Va. App. LEXIS 104 (Va. App. 2017)(Unpublished).

A Stafford County Circuit Court judge awarded a Wife 100% of the marital share of the Husband’s military pension, non-modifiable spousal support, and 18 months of the Husband’s educational benefits under the GI Bill. The Court of Appeals reversed the court’s decision on these three points for being in direct contravention of federal and/or state law.

Read the case here.

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