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Where to turn when your child custody rights are interfered with

When parents in Virginia divorce or break-up they are often left with a lot of bitter feelings toward one another. Compounding the animosity they may have with each other is the painful reality that if they share child custody there will be times when their child will not be in their care, but in the care of their ex instead. This can cause hard feelings. One parent may feel like their ex is not a good parent, and their child shouldn't be left in their ex's care. Or a parent may simply want to get back at or in some other way hurt their ex.

Child support in Virginia based on shared custody can be modified

One relatively recent advancement in child support laws in Virginia involved the standardization of child support awards. Child support is based upon a formula that takes into account each parent's gross income, as well as the type of custody and visitation the parent enjoys, among other child support guidelines.

What factors will a court consider in spousal maintenance cases?

Sometimes, one spouse in Virginia has a much higher income than the other spouse. It may even be the case that one spouse will stay out of the workforce entirely to care for the family while the other spouse climbs the corporate ladder. These income disparities may not be such an issue while a couple is married, but if the couple decides to divorce, this issue is thrust into the spotlight. In situations like this, it is possible that the lesser-earning spouse may seek spousal maintenance from the higher-earning spouse.

Collaborative law may benefit those in a gray divorce

What has been called the "gray divorce" is on the upswing, as more couples in Falls Church and nationwide age 50 and up are deciding to end their marriages. That being said, the divorce issues older couples face may look very different from the issues younger couples face. For example, a couple over age 50 may not need to make child custody decisions if their children are adults. However, property division may become more problematic, since over the course of their marriage they may have amassed a good deal of assets. This may especially be true when it comes to retirement plans.

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