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June 2020 Archives

Safety tips for custody exchanges during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased stress levels for families across the globe and divorced parents face particular challenges during this time. On top of the health concerns for their children and themselves, the normal custody exchange can become a complicated matter.

Modern couples are more accepting of prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements used to be reserved for the very wealthy, and they often evoked feelings of mistrust and betrayal. Those days have passed. Recent generations have come to terms with the fluidity of marriage, and many have seen first-hand how divorce can result in financial and emotional struggle.

Should you ask for a prenup?

Traditionally, people do not like to think about prenuptial agreements before getting married. However, like with many industries, millennials are changing the conversation around these types of arrangements. Many younger couples are finding that asking to create a prenup is no longer the controversial request it once was.

Who will get the house in the divorce?

Going through divorce is difficult - emotionally and financially. For parents with children, going through a divorce adds even more uncertainty for the future. You and your spouse will have to reach a custody agreement, as well as an agreement on property division. You may really want to keep the marital home after the split, so your kids have less disruption in their lives. However, will you be able to?

How is child custody decided in Virginia?

For parents facing divorce, one of the biggest concerns is how a divorce will impact your children. Your relationship with your children likely will change if you and your spouse split custody time. You may wonder how your child custody case will handled in Virginia. Who will decide how much custody time you will get versus your spouse?

A collaborative law divorce could be one with less acrimony

If you are getting a divorce, you have probably thought about keeping it civil. Just work out the answers to the problems presented and leave the emotion behind. But even if you and your spouse agree to disagree, it can be hard to rein everything in. The system seems set up to increase the acrimony of a divorce and force any minor disagreement into a trial-level issue.

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