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May 2018 Archives

Same-sex couples may face unique divorce legal issues

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Virginia and across the nation for several years now. Therefore, it is understandable that same-sex divorce is also becoming more commonplace. However, when it comes to same-sex divorce, same-sex couples may face unique issues that heterosexual couples do not.

Collaborative law could lead to a more satisfactory divorce

While a divorce filing may be the result of years of anger, sadness or resentment between two spouses, that doesn't mean a divorce always has to involve a long, drawn-out courtroom battle. In fact, most divorcing spouses in Falls Church probably want to avoid the nightmare scenario of a divorce that drags on for months, draining each spouse emotionally and financially and ultimately leading to a result that neither spouse is satisfied with.

Should one purchase a new home before their divorce is finalized?

When a couple in Virginia decides to divorce, one or both of them may be anxious to move out of the marital home and into their own home away from their ex. In the event that a couple decides to sell the marital home and split the proceeds or in the event that one spouse is leaving the marital home, one or both spouses may be interested in purchasing a new home in their name only. However, should they go through with the home buying process before their divorce is finalized?

Where can process be served in a military divorce?

Marriages in which one party is in the military face challenges that civilian marriages do not. Military spouses will have to deal with constant moves and long deployments, all of which can take a toll on a couple's marriage. Sometimes the conflicts are just too much to deal with, and the couple will decide to divorce. However, when it comes to a military divorce couples in Virginia should understand that certain rules will apply to them that would not be applicable in a civilian divorce.

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