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July 2018 Archives

More millennials are executing prenuptial agreements, survey says

Summer is a popular time for weddings, but couples in Virginia who are planning their upcoming nuptials may also want to consider the possible paths their life may take after wedding bells ring. One way they can prepare for future possibilities is by executing a premarital (prenuptial) agreement prior to walking down the aisle. In a premarital agreement, couples can address financial issues they may face if they divorce.

What are the basics of child support in Virginia?

Most parents going through a divorce want to see that their child's financial needs are supported. Some of these needs are basic, such as food and a roof. Some of these needs go beyond that, and may include medical expenses, insurance and other activities. When a child's parents divorce, the court will usually order one parent to pay child support to cover the costs associated with raising the child. Therefore, it is important to have a basic understanding of child support.

Determining whether an asset is separate or marital in a divorce

Many people in Virginia will spend a lifetime accumulating a wide variety of assets. Some of the assets may be financially valuable, while other assets hold more sentimental value. Some of these assets were obtained before a person got married, while others were obtained during the course of the marriage. However, the classification of property as either marital or separate is essential when it comes to property division in a divorce. This is because separate property will be retained by the party that owns it, while marital property will be divided between the spouses.

Be honest in online dating during a divorce

Online dating is a common way to find a partner nowadays. People going through a divorce may see online dating profiles as a simpler way to get back into the dating scene. However, it may be wise to wait until all court proceedings for your former marriage are behind you before you venture back into dating.

How can collaborative law help couples going through a divorce?

When a couple in Virginia is going through a divorce, they may be mentally preparing themselves for a lengthy and adversarial trial in which there is a "winner" and a "loser." Litigation can be stressful, especially since in the end the spouses do not have a say in the final outcome, and must abide by the judge's decision, whether they like it or not. Therefore, couples may be interested in pursuing negotiations out-of-court to resolve their divorce legal issues. One way they can do this is through collaborative law.

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