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February 2018 Archives

A "bird's nest" child custody plan may be the answer for some

When a child's parents divorce, it seems to be obvious that the child will spend his or her time going back and forth between homes. That means two different addresses, two different bedrooms and the regular exchange as the child goes to the care of one parent from the other. A divorce is already a monumental change in a child's life, and having to adjust to a new home and lifestyle can only add to the stress. For these reasons, some parents in Virginia are turning to a unique form of child custody: the "bird's nest."

Making the most of time spent with your noncustodial child

Research suggests that children fare better when both of their parents are involved in their lives, so if you are a noncustodial parent, know that even spending short amounts of time with your child can prove beneficial. Even if you do not see your son or daughter as much as you might like, those weekends, spring break trips and extended summer visits add up, and they can help the two of you cement a strong bond that even geography cannot break.

Does a divorce in Virginia always mean litigation?

A couple going through a divorce may feel like the whole reason behind the divorce is that they cannot agree on anything or it is impossible for them to have a healthy, meaningful relationship. Despite that, not every couple necessarily wants to continue to fight all the way to the courtroom. Fortunately, there are options.

What is like getting a divorce at a young age?

Some couples in Falls Church may be married for many years or even decades before divorcing. Some young adults can find that, though they have only been married a few years, their relationship is too rocky. And, they are best off getting a divorce. But, those who divorce in their 20's may face challenges that older couples do not.

Property division: keeping separate assets separate -- the don'ts

Last week on this blog, we discussed how couples in Virginia who are about to be wed, or are already married, can keep separate property from becoming marital property. Keep in mind that marital property is considered to be owned by each spouse and thus is included in the divisible estate should the couple divorce. This is very important, since both spouses in a divorce have a vested interest in seeing that the property division process is fair and appropriate. Last week we discussed the "do's" of keeping separate assets separate. This week we will discuss the "don'ts" of keeping separate assets separate.

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