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August 2019 Archives

Same-sex divorce has unique complications

The federal government's recognition of same-sex marriage was a welcome move to many in the LGBT community. However, like many, you may have been in a monogamous relationship long before the Supreme Court ruling. Not only do you now have all the rights opposite-sex couples have, including the rights to marry and adopt children, but you can also legally divorce your spouse.

The complex issues of international divorce

Laws related to marriage and divorce exist at the state level. That means the federal government does not have any say in whether your marriage is legal or your divorce is valid. Each state recognizes marriages from other states, but things get more complicated when you are dealing with family law matters from other countries. If your spouse has ties outside the U.S. and you are heading toward divorce, you may be concerned and confused.

Will a gray divorce leave you struggling?

It may be a great relief to hear that the rate of divorce across the country has been declining in recent decades. However, if you are 50 years or older, you should not be so quick to celebrate. The rate of divorce for your age group, known as "gray divorce," is climbing, and it is leaving many unprepared spouses facing a difficult road ahead.

Valuation is an important part of the property division process

In Virginia, a couple that chooses to divorce must divide up its marital property so that each partner leaves the relationship with an equitable portion of the total. Virginia follows the principles of equitable division when it comes to divorce-based divisions, which means that property divisions must be fair but not necessarily equal. In order to determine fairness with regard to the amount and value of property each person takes from their shared marital wealth, items of property may be subject to valuation assessments.

What is the difference between sole and joint custody?

The divorce or separation of two Virginia parents can be hard on everyone in their family as they sort out the details of their futures. When it comes to the care and support of the individuals' children, however, important decisions must be made to ensure that those kids are properly provided for as they transition away from their two-parent home. These decisions revolve around child custody and how the parents should share it.

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