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The benefits of collaborative law divorce and how it works

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2017 | Collaborative Law

This blog recently discussed the benefits of mediation during divorce. Another optionfor divorcing couples to consider to achieve a more amicable divorce is collaborative law divorce. Divorce may cause couples to anticipate bad things and fighting and they may feel nervous or overwhelmed by the process but collaborative law divorce is a process that seeks to minimize negativity and acrimony sometimes associated with the divorce process.

Collaborative law divorce is a process that may help minimize the negatives that are sometimes associated with divorce, as it seeks to avoid disputes before they even arise by providing a shared solution-oriented option to the divorce process. At the outset of the collaborative law process, the couple signs a contract and pledges to negotiate in good faith to resolve divorce-related concerns. The couple agrees to be fair and transparent when sharing financial information and other documents. If the couple decides to litigate their divorce, their representatives withdraw according to the contract.

Additional resources, such as financial professionals or counseling professionals, may also be included as part of the process. It is helpful for each of the spouses to understand their needs because one goal of the process is to negotiate so that the needs of each spouse are met as much as possible during the collaborative divorce process. The collaborative law divorce process can be especially helpful if children are involved in the divorce to help keep the process as smooth and peaceful as possible.

Not every divorce process has to be an adversarial process and collaborative law divorce, along with other options such as mediation, can help. The family law systems offers a variety of resources that divorcing couples should be familiar with to help the through their divorce.

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