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Be honest in online dating during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2018 | Divorce

Online dating is a common way to find a partner nowadays. People going through a divorce may see online dating profiles as a simpler way to get back into the dating scene. However, it may be wise to wait until all court proceedings for your former marriage are behind you before you venture back into dating.

If your divorce or custody agreement is still ongoing, your social media accounts may be fair game for your former partner. This includes any dating profiles you use, so you need to be aware of all your online activity during this time.

Family law attorneys have seen an increase in the use of information posted on social media when arguing divorce and custody agreements in recent years. In a 2013 survey, 59 percent of attorneys reported use of dating website information in their cases.

What would be relevant from my dating profile?

Anything you post online can be relevant in a divorce or custody agreement. From dating websites, the most commonly used evidence tends to be relationship status or the number of kids. For example, saying you are single when you’re still in the process of divorcing your spouse could be a roadblock for your argument. Lying about having children or seeming to hide that fact could be a major knock against you in custody decisions.

You may not intend to hide these parts of your life, but any lack of honesty could add challenges to deciding divorce and custody agreements.

The survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers also indicated salary and occupation information on dating profiles are used more frequently as evidence in divorce and custody agreements.

Online dating could spark negativity

Dating during divorce could elicit animosity from your former spouse, no matter if the split was amicable at the start. Even if the divorce was a mutual choice, it’s still a breakup.

The presence of a new partner could incite hostility from your former spouse, further complicating the divorce process. Even if you’ve only created an online profile but haven’t acted beyond that, the appearance of moving on could stir up ill will in the divorce process.

Finally, dating before a finalized divorce agreement could affect your success in getting what you need from the split. Spousal support and asset division could hinge on your dating situation, meaning you could receive less from your former spouse if it appears you have a new partner.

If you do start dating again before a divorce is final, remember honesty can be one of your best strategies.

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