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Should you ask for a prenup?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

Traditionally, people do not like to think about prenuptial agreements before getting married. However, like with many industries, millennials are changing the conversation around these types of arrangements. Many younger couples are finding that asking to create a prenup is no longer the controversial request it once was.

Why do people create prenups?

In many cases, people think protecting their individual assets and investments is within their rights, and both parties can come to an agreement about the terms. Some couples also find that this creates a more stable start for a marriage, as the terms are already set should something happen and they decide to divorce later in life.

If you and your future spouse already have substantial assets or finances coming into the marriage, it can benefit both of you to figure out how to deal with these parts of your life after a divorce. Prenups help you protect your independence and the things you have worked for. Many people see prenuptial agreements as a business move, as marriages are as much a business relationship as a romantic one.

People who own property or a business, have significant assets such as a retirement account or stock options may benefit from a prenup. If you have children or were married before, a prenup may be a good option for you, too.

How to get started

If you think a prenup could benefit you and your future spouse, you should begin by contacting an attorney. Both parties will need independent representation to create a fair deal. Next, you should create a list of all your finances such as bank and investment accounts, insurance policies and any debt you have. Compiling this information can give you a clear picture of your situation and what you will want to include in your agreement.

Though prenups do not necessarily contribute to the romance of your relationship, they are becoming more and more common for couples in this day and age. You may want to consider creating one in order to help both you and your spouse start your marriage off with a clear idea of where you stand.

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