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Co-parenting apps that could make your life easier

On Behalf of | May 1, 2024 | Child Custody And Support

Divorce comes with many challenges, particularly when the couple has children. For example, how will the couple divide parental responsibilities? How will parents talk to one another if they have fallen out in the past? 

One of the most challenging aspects of co-parenting is communication. This can be especially difficult if the marriage was toxic toward the end. It’s difficult for co-parents to get over former disputes and to feel secure after a tumultuous relationship. Nonetheless, with time and patience it is possible for co-parents to start building bridges and focusing on the best interests of their children. 

There are several ways to find solutions to such issues, and technology is one option. There are numerous co-parenting apps or AI resources out there that can make your life much easier. Outlined below are some of the most popular examples. 


OurFamilyWizard provides both a very useful website and co-parenting app. Its purpose is to provide as much information as possible for parents and family members, as well as offering practical solutions. By using this app, parents can schedule appointments, manage handovers, track expenses, send secure messages and much more. 


The Talkingparents app is designed to facilitate conversations. It is a secure messaging platform that stores all sent and received messages. It can also be a source of evidence if needed. For example, if one parent is failing to meet their custody obligations, conversations from Talkingparents can be examined by the courts. 

Using Artificial Intelligence

While a newer resource, using AI tools can help facilitate communication. For co-parents who struggle to draft neutral or factual emails to the other party, AI tools such as ChatGPT allow a parent to type their draft email, and instruct the AI to “make it more neutral” or “make it shorter” so that the remaining message is straightforward and without inflammatory or triggering language.

Apps can offer co-parents an innovative approach to managing relations with one another. Having legal guidance will also help to provide you with more relevant information. 

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